Installing bind (dns server) on Synologys DS411j

Synology DS 411j

Synology DS 411j

Synologys DS 411j is a great pice of hardware to have on your local net. It became an even better companion to my network by running running “bind” on this box: instead of having bind run on my mac or linux server. this reduces cost and protects our environment. here i’m going to show you what worked for me:
1. access your DiskStation via ssh (or telnet if need be). login as user root:
ssh root@diskstation.local (use your admin password when prompted)
2. if not already there create /volume1/public dir:
mkdir /volume1/public
cd /volume1/public

3. download and install ipkg:
sh ./syno-x07-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm.xsh

4. when the script has finished verify the install was ok:
ipkg update;ipkg list
this command first updates the list of available ipkg packages and then displays them all (to list only installed packages issue
ipkg list_installed
5. install bind
ipkg install bind

that’s it!

To be honest this is not the truth – at least not all of it 🙂
Now we need to setup a configuration for your very own network domain.

This will be covered in the next post…

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5 Responses to Installing bind (dns server) on Synologys DS411j

  1. Patrik says:

    So what happened to that “next post”? 🙂

    For anyone coming here to install BIND on a DS 211, use this bootstrap:

    CPU checking is a bit more relaxed, so it will install on the DS211 CPU.


  2. I actually have a tendency to agree with every aspect that has been posted throughout “Installing bind (dns server) on Synologys DS411j | javavolker”.
    I am grateful for all of the actual advice.Thanks a lot-Dominick


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