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JAX-RS file upload

For my current project i needed a RESTful file upload service. You’ll find the source code on github: JAX-RS file upload

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Ejecting optical media

Sometimes the “Eject Button” to eject optical media like cd or dvd doesn’t work. This can happen due to a bad media inserted or else. How to get the damn thing out without opening the case? In the ol’ days … Continue reading

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Tweet von TweetCaster

@java: RT @OracleDevTools: “Oracle’s Java 8 documentation rocks, always look there first” Kudos to the doc team! #eclipsecon Via TweetCaster geteilt

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Tweet von TweetCaster

@andreruffert: A categorized cheatsheet of #git commands – Via TweetCaster geteilt

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List all deployed artifacts in wildfly 8

JBoss Wildfly comes with a very handy command line interface Jboss-cli can execute arbitrary commands on your wildfly installation. Example: Using this tool it’s very easy to get an overview over all currently deployed artifacts (ear, war and jar … Continue reading

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Scripting for Mongo

Sometimes you want to automate certain tasks using scripts. MongoDB also supports this:

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Delete entire database from mongo from cmd line

To quickly delete / remove a entire database from mongo you can use the command line interface: volker@Volkers-MacBook-Pro ~> mongo # connect to default port MongoDB shell version: 2.4.9 connecting to: > show dbs AWESOME_DB 0.203125GB local 0.078125GB … Continue reading

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formating XML files on command line

To quickly reformat a xml file you could use the command xmllint: volker@Volkers-MacBook-Pro ~> xmllint –format ~/.m2/settings.xml.raw > ~/.m2/settings.xml If xmllint is not available on your system you need to install the libxml2 package. For OS X it could could … Continue reading

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Start learning puppet

The first steps into puppet come for free and without any installation hassle: Download one of their VMs and start playing with a puppet 🙂 You’ll find VM images for vmware and virtualbox.

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