List all deployed artifacts in wildfly 8

JBoss Wildfly comes with a very handy command line interface

Jboss-cli can execute arbitrary commands on your wildfly installation.

Example: Using this tool it’s very easy to get an overview over all currently deployed artifacts (ear, war and jar deployments):

volkers-imac:~ mupfel$ --connect --commands="ls deployment"
volkers-imac:~ mupfel$

It can get even easier: By defining an alias:

volkers-imac:~ mupfel$ alias lsd=' --connect --commands="ls deployment"'
volkers-imac:~ mupfel$ lsd
volkers-imac:~ mupfel$

Add this alias to your ~/.bash_profile and the alias is available everytime you log in.

You could undeploy an artifact: --connect --commands="undeploy mysql-connector-java-5.1.26.jar, undeploy wildfly.war"

And much more… For more detailed Information on jboss-cli please refer to:

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