Ubuntu, VirtualBox, OS X and Keyboards

Today i wanted to use scm manager. This appliance is available as a virtual machine image. I chose the variant for VirtualBox.

My first configuration attempt got stuck when it came to entering the @-sign on my aluminium keyboard.

Googeling revealed keyboard config many people fight with. And because i know the next time i have such a task a hand i’ll write it down and publish it.

By the way: Taking a screenshot of a specific window is done pressing:
Command (⌘)-Shift-4 then press space bar.
The cursor turns into a little camera.
Select the window you want by clicking it

I hope this is useful to somebody and saves some time by not having to fiddle around.

About javavolker71

when i do not write posts on this blog, don't work on or try to break my code i'm spending a reasonable amount of time
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