Git using https instead of ssh

The other day i found out our firewall blocks outgoing traffic except port 80 and 443.
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Docker, Wildfly, your application and the dev life cycle

Hi, using docker it is very easy to have your web application available for testing in a non mocked environment. Continue reading

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Some information and facts about my favorite SciFi Series
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timestamps with adb logcat

For me adb is a great tool to interact with your device.
Here’s how to overcome the default lack of timestamps
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Ubuntu, VirtualBox, OS X and Keyboards

Today i wanted to use scm manager. This appliance is available as a virtual machine image. I chose the variant for VirtualBox.
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JEE7, Maven, Testing and Wildfly 8.x

Today i want to start a new maven based project. The result should run on wildfly and should employ arquillian for integration testing.

I first read about arquillian back in february. i learned it was very tedious to get wildfly 8 and arquillian play nicely together. Thanks to my friends sorin and octavian for sorting out the difficulties (version number hell comes to my mind) .

i stumbled upon an article by arun gupta telling about a maven archetype to create a project together with arquillian configuration for wildfly and glassfish:

mvn --batch-mode archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.javaee-samples \
-DarchetypeArtifactId=javaee7-arquillian-archetype -DgroupId=<YOUR GROUPID> \

(please omit backslashes)

The result is a configuration supporting wildfly 8 and glassfish 4 – both remote and managed.
Pom.xml contained (at least in my case) a commented profile for wildfly embedded – simply remove it.

In my case i removed glassfish stuff, too.

Both remaining profiles (wildfly-remote-arquillian and wildfly-managed-arquillian) worked out of the box.

I tested with wildfly 8.0.0.Final and 8.1.0.Final. The latter after changing a property value in pom.xml:


Thanks to @aslakknutsen for making use of arquillian that easy and to Arun for blogging about it.

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